Our Story

The founders of Ambrotek initially entered the printing service industry by offering one specific category of printing. This required expertise and capital equipment in a specific area to produce the physical product. They soon found that their customers were asking for a wide range of print capabilities, which they were unrealistically able to provide. Each category needed relevant expertise and expensive capital equipment to produce the finished items. 

The print capabilities were in fact already available from a wide range of companies, each specializing in a specific area. This led to the formation of Ambrotek is 2013, working with a wide range of print companies, each experts in their own area.

As a print broker, Ambrotek has 8 years of experience working with 65+, trade only print specialists. Each supplier specializes in an aspect of printing that leads to quality, capability, and competitive pricing. 

Ambrotek's wide knowledge base of printing, gained from working with a wide range of suppliers and over 1,500 customers, enables us to become your turn to knowledge base for printing.

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