How Do We Print Everything?

Ambrotek is focused on delivering a full service printing solution by operating as a print brokerage and establishing strong working relationships with as many trade only print suppliers as possible. Keeping quality and selection in mind, Ambrotek evaluates every supplier to ensure the best results are always delivered. 

This means when you need something large printed, Ambrotek takes your request to the best large format printer around. When you need something small printed, Ambrotek takes your request to the best marketing printer around. Ambrotek has a specialized print partner for virtually anything. This is why Ambrotek can print everything. Ambrotek leverages the knowledge and experience from the best professionals in the printing industry to save you time and money.

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Markets We Serve

Since 2013 Ambrotek has been motivated and excited to work with great business professionals representing a diverse group of markets. With so many connections and a rich supply of resources, Ambrotek can truly help with any print media project. 

Ambrotek has experience serving the following markets; Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Technology, Entertainment, Fitness, Hospitals, Financial Institutions, Special Event Venues, Construction & Home Building, Dental, Farmers Markets, Car Dealerships, to name just a few. 

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Our Process Made Simple

Ambrotek's process is simple and designed to save you time and money right from the beginning. 

First, send us an email with a few project details. A simple sketch and an idea of the printed material you are looking for is all you need to get started.

Then one of our agents will respond right away with some suggestions and quotations for your reference. At the same time we will have our graphics designers work on your artwork for free. 

Once a print product is selected and the artwork is approved by you, we submit your order to our trade only print partners and they bid on the project to get you the most competitive price with the highest level of quality. 

Your order is then printed, inspected, and delivered for free to your chosen location with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
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